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Conference Contacts expands incentive travel offering to clients

Leading Conference Organisers Arrange Unforgettable Trips For Clients’ High-Achieving Employees
One of the most experienced global event management companies in the UK, Conference Contacts is excited to be expanding its incentive travel offerings to its ever-growing list of clients. From ticking off the wonders of India’s Golden Triangle to spotting the Big Five on safari in Botswana, the Conference Contacts team have been organising incredible incentive travel trips for their clients for 30 years, always with the most unforgettable results.

This year, Conference Contacts is focusing further efforts on hosting even more outstanding incentive travel trips, utilising its extensive book of contacts to always deliver far above and beyond for clients.  

Creating a variety of original and exciting incentive travel trips for clients with a range of needs and requests, Conference Contacts uses the same dedicated process with each of its projects regardless of figures and budgets. Involving the client throughout the procedure is an essential philosophy, applied to ensure clients’ maximum satisfaction at every stage of the planning process. This connection is apparent right from the start, from initial destination suggestions, to creating thorough presentations of options for clients to choose from. The team will also accompany clients on a full site inspection prior to the trip to certify that all needs are met in the chosen location. Consistently adaptable, the teams are ready to modify their ideas around clients’ feedback to ensure their utmost approval and to create a relationship of complete trust between client and company.  

Clients are in safe hands at Conference Contacts with a long-standing team who have been building trusting relationships with clients for over 30 years. Director of Client Services, Rosalyn Giles, has been with the company for 21 years and is the first point of contact for incentive travel trips. Rosalyn has guided clients right from day one on over 40 trips to incredible destinations such as Jordan and Iceland. This vast array of experience proves her expert knowledge about what is important when it comes to running incentive trips.  

When considering her 21 years of experience in incentive travel with Conference Contacts, Rosalyn says: “You don’t have to be big to know what to do – we’re not the biggest and we’re not the smallest agency, but regardless of the size of our team, we’re offering the biggest and best trips out there thanks to our combined contacts and knowledge. This knowledge has not come from a book,’ she continues, instead referencing the hard work that has been put in to thoroughly experiencing and understanding different cultures, working with budgets, health and safety restrictions and overcoming obstacles throughout her long period at the company.  

“We are constantly updating our knowledge of the business travel world, continuously looking out for new, incredible destinations by attending travel conferences and combining this extensive research with creative thinking,’ Rosalyn says, adding that South-East Asia is an area they are increasingly considering, with trips to Cambodia and Vietnam in the pipeline. With an impressive portfolio of hard work behind her, it is unsurprising that Rosalyn loves what she does: ‘Our dedicated process ensures that clients’ hardworking employees are rewarded with the best possible facilities and experiences in their chosen destination,’ she says. ‘Incentive travel must provide something that would never have been accessible before, and I love knowing that our hard work provides that little extra something that ultimately creates a big wow moment for every individual on the trip.’  

Although Conference Contacts currently run 2-3 incentive travel trips per year, the company are looking to increase this figure by expanding their clientele to include companies who they have not worked with previously. The Conference Contacts team are excited to watch their growing incentive travel business move from strength to strength, as they continue to feel the rewards of rewarding others.

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