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beTravelwise launches 'situational awareness' travel safety animation at GBTA 2017

Saul Shanagher, director, beTravelwise
Corporate travel safety specialist beTravelwise releases new animation that promotes situational awareness as counter to potential risks
UK-based corporate travel risk management specialist beTravelwise has launched its latest travel safety video animation at the world’s largest business travel show, GBTA 2017. The new animation urges business travellers to actively monitor their surroundings for potential threats and risks.

A recent rash of violent incidents including vehicle terror attacks in popular European destinations has prompted the travel safety expert to encourage its clients to ‘be aware & prepared’.  

Focusing on situational awareness, beTravelwise says travellers can analyse potential threats and adjust their behaviour and actions to counter risk and keep themselves safe.  

Applying good situational awareness helps protect against a range of threats, from petty crime to terrorism.  

“Several clients have requested we develop an animation on this topic in the same concise, engaging and informative format as our travel risk animations,” explained beTravelwise director Saul Shanagher, who presented the animation to assembled delegates at GBTA on Sunday.  

“Situational awareness is not a black art; it is a skill everyone can learn. Indeed, most people use it every day, even when checking both ways before crossing a road.”  

Citing the recent spate of vehicle terror attacks in France and the UK, Shanagher said people could better safeguard themselves against such risk by adopting a range of active measures.  

“There are few city-wide pre-emptive strategies that could have been adopted to prevent the vehicle terror attacks in London, for example. However, if you practice good situational awareness you can greatly improve your chances of not becoming a victim if you suddenly find yourself caught up in an attack,” he explained.  

“For example, if you walk facing oncoming traffic, paying attention to pedestrians and vehicles, you will greatly increase your chances of taking evasive action.   

“However, if you walk, as many people do, with your back to passing traffic, listening to music through headphones, or while looking down at your phone or other device, you will be oblivious to any potential dangers or threats.”  

The new beTravelwise five-minute animation promotes situational awareness by providing practical advice on managing risk at each point of the business travel journey.  

From route planning, devising transport strategies and destination orientation to analysing individual behaviour in public, the animation provides vital, practical advice for staying safe.  

beTravelwise offers a range of specialised training programmes that cover the full spectrum of travel risk management. Each interactive programme can be customised to meet a client’s specific requirements. Clients can also choose to combine individual programmes into a tailor-made package.

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