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ACTE Statement on Supreme Court's Travel Ban Ruling

Yesterday the Supreme Court announced that it would hear arguments on the Trump administration’s proposed travel ban, and allowed some aspects of the current ban to stand until they have issue a ruling on the order in 2018.

Association of Corporate Travel Executives executive director Greeley Koch issued the following statement: “When the Trump administration’s immigration ban was first implemented earlier this year in a cloud of chaos, we heard stories of business travellers being stopped at the U.S. border, even if they were not passport holders from the seven banned countries. Seeing this maelstrom unfold, ACTE has long been of the mind that this travel ban has had a chilling effect on business travel, local economies and jobs in the hospitality industry. This economic impact is not worth the cosmetic increase in security offered by the loophole-ridden travel ban.

“Business travelers need certainty that they won’t encounter major problems at the U.S. border. There are reasons to be heartened by the Supreme Court’s decision today, in particular the provision that would allow travelers with legitimate ties to the U.S. to continue to enter the country. But the key to successful implementation—and to minimize the impact to businesses—is clearly defining the ‘significant business or professional obligations’ that will allow travelers with proper documentation to enter the U.S. and keep the economic engine running. We will be eagerly awaiting clarity until this issue can be definitively resolved.”

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