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Can we further professionalise the events industry?

On 28 October, the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) will hold a Forum on the future professionalisation of the events industry.  
Despite a number of existing initiatives, qualifications and standards, there is no one universally supported professional body by the events industry or an agreed path to greater professional status.

The BVEP’s Forum will seek to achieve a collective view from the industry on the best way forward for greater professionalisation or whether it is required at all.  

Everyone working within the events industry and its associated professional activities is invited to attend, contribute and share their views.  

Forum organiser Dr Caroline Jackson, Vice Chair of BVEP, said: “With the proposed apprenticeship levy, growth in graduate numbers and possible consequences of Brexit, there is no better time for the events industry to pull together on this important topic. The BVEP has an important role in connecting Britain’s events industry and one way of achieving this is for us to identify who and what we are as a profession. I look forward to hearing as wide a range of views as possible on how professional status may offer a secure future given both the opportunities and challenges we all face”.  

The Forum is expected to be an interactive, participatory event and the BVEP is encouraging all those interested in the professional status of the sector to come forward with ideas and commitment for action.  

The Forum will take place on 28 October from 13.30-16.30 at the University of Westminster, London.

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