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UKinbound's members rely on the EU for nearly 50% of their business

UKinbound, one of the leading trade associations which represents 350 members of the travel and tourism industry in Britain, has recently surveyed their members revealing that almost half (46%) of its members’ inbound business hails from EU markets.

Following on from UKinbound’s first Business Barometer of the year which revealed that 82% of their members believe that staying in the European Union is important for their business, UKinbound wanted to delve deeper into the current subject matter.

The latest survey results continue to highlight overwhelming support for Britain to remain in the EU. UKinbound’s Chief Executive Officer, Deirdre Wells OBE comments, “Our most recent survey demonstrates how important the EU is as a key source market for our businesses. It has also exposed that 27% of our members’ workforces are made up of EU migrants. This shows a clear demonstration of how the free movement of goods and people - that founding principle of the EU - is so vital for our business. The EU is a vital and vibrant market for inbound tourism, supplying two-thirds of our visitors, and one third of our industry's employees. It would be economic suicide for us to leave."

UKinbound’s findings and insight to the sector has helped to argue the effect on inbound tourism during debates in the House of Commons and House of Lords in recent months. During a House of Lords Question Time, dealing with the impact of withdrawal from the EU on the tourism and hospitality industries, statistics from UKinbound's Business Barometer were cited. Based on feedback from their membership, UKinbound became the first trade association to speak out on the importance of remaining in the EU.

Wells further commented, “Now that the Referendum campaign is well underway, it is good to see our Parliamentarians recognising the negative impact which a Brexit would have on tourism.”

Hailed as one of the leading contributors to the economy, overseas visitor spending in the UK contributed £22bn last year with each inbound visitor subsidising an additional £630 in export earnings and bestowing £216 to the Exchequer. These are statistics which UKinbound highlight as a pivotal role in which inbound tourism plays within the economy.

Recognising the importance of remaining in the EU to its members, UKinbound will further its efforts to emphasise the importance of the inbound tourism sector. With the one year anniversary of the Government’s Five-Point Plan approaching in July, the Association will be monitoring the progression of the scheme and the developments that have been made. UKinbound will continue to support the scheme reinforcing the key recommendations of their #TourismABC campaign to prompt greater consideration from the Government for this highly valuable industry.

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