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MyEvent.Vision partners with Eventbrite

MEV Eventibrite
MyEvent.Vision has agreed a partnership with Eventbrite, the world’s largest self-service ticketing platform, that will see the brand support the competition and its objective of bringing innovation and creativity to the events industry.

The competition is a once in a lifetime opportunity for one event professional to win £5,000 cash, a freelance or full-time job offer and to see their event concept brought to life with the backing of Events International Group (EIG). The agreement will see Eventbrite become official technology sponsor of the competition and engage with event professionals across the UK to encourage additional submissions and stronger competition.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Eventbrite for MyEvent.Vision,” comments Chad Lion-Cachet, Chief Executive, EIG. “They have an unparalleled reach across every aspect of the events industry and will help us communicate to even more event professionals of every level. It’s a great opportunity to work with them and benefit from their undoubted experience and skill, for this year and hopefully more to follow.”

“We believe that everyone has a great event idea in them,” comments Marino Fresch, Head of Marketing at Eventbrite. “And our self service platform has successfully democratised ticket sales, allowing anyone to sell tickets in order to finance their dream event. The opportunity of helping one person bring theirs to life is therefore an exciting prospect that directly relates to our company vision and one we’re keen to support by partnering with MyEvent.Vision.”

MyEvent.Vision launched in the fall, with competitors needing to submit their ideas by 8th February 2016. The winner will be announced in the spring 2016.

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