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Gruve and Fishrod give birth to Fat Unicorn

Ru Barksfield and Gavin Williams
Gruve, the creative interactive tech company, has joined forces with Fishrod Interactive, the event-technology mashing agency, to create Fat Unicorn. The two companies have worked together in the industry for over five years and have merged to create the new agency that will see interactive tech ideas delivered from creative to build and installation.

Gruve and Fishrod have worked closely since their inceptions in 2005 and 2008 respectively, creating ground breaking interactive experiences for clients including the BBC, Sky, Barclays, Honda, VCCP, Ogilvy, Wasserman, RPM and Jack Morton Worldwide. Now, sat neatly under the Fat Unicorn brand, the new co. will be able to design and create live experience installations, experiential interactives and dynamic event concepts that add excitement and awe to consumer and b2bevents, brand activations, and product launches.

Gruve was founded in 2005 by Ru Barksfield who will continue his role at Fat Unicorn as Creative lead and CEO. Meanwhile, Gavin Williams, Founder of Fishrod Interactive will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer, overseeing the technology laboratory that sits within the new agency’s head quarters at the Ugli Building in White City.

The new brand is promising a new era of invention for the events industry, creating things that don’t exist and that add more engagement and interaction within a live experience. “We genuinely believe that nothing is impossible and if ourselves or our creative clients come up with an idea that will genuinely add value to an event experience, Fat Unicorn will design it, build it and deliver it” comments Ru.

“We’ve got amazing skill, great minds and a lot of experience in our team,” continues Gavin Williams. “It means we can create the things that come from the recesses of our wildest dreams, and make them a presentable and effective reality for our clients. Our stuff always works, it never lets the client down and we don’t do it if we can’t measure it.”

“Most of our clients knew we worked together and the relationship has always been seamless, so it seemed natural to make the back office and presentation the same,” continues Ru. “We decided that Fat Unicorn will be a new kind of agency that comes up with the creative concepts, physically builds them, and then evaluates their efficacy for clients.”

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