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Cultural Customs: Kyoto releases clever infographic for UK travellers

Kyoto infographic for UK travellers

From not cycling under the influence to remembering to queue in an orderly fashion, Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau teaches visitors the polite ‘do’s and don’ts’ on a visit to the city

Thousands of UK tourists visit Kyoto each year in search of a true taste of Japan’s historic past and local traditions. However to avoid those ‘lost in translation’ cultural faux pas and raise awareness of the differences in cultures, Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau has released an infographic outlining the ‘akimahen’, or the ‘do’s and don’ts’ for a visit to the beautiful city.

The ‘Kyoto-ites’ have been released in partnership with TripAdvisor and outline 18 of the major customs in Japan’s former capital, with the help of a three-stage emoji guide, which indicates on a scale of one to three how offensive certain behaviour can be.

As outlined by the red-faced tourist in the infographic, the worst cultural offence is cycling through Kyoto under the influence of alcohol. Regulations have recently been tightened, which means anyone caught cycling under the influence could face fines of up to one million Yen (equivalent to £5,200) or five years in prison.

Meanwhile, tourists can forget the need to tip for good service, and instead can say ‘Okini’, which simply translates as ‘thank you.’ The infographic also outlines the importance of removing your shoes before walking on traditional tatami mats and reminds tourists that taxis in Japan have automatic doors so it’s best to always leave a clear distance to avoid being hit by the taxi doors.

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