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Logistik wows BMW at annual Aftersales Conference

BMW annual Aftersales Conference delegate
Brand communications and event specialists Logistik Group have aided BMW UK to a huge success at their annual Aftersales Conference. Entertaining more than 400 attendees BMW UK took over a London Hotel to address dealership staff from across the country.
With all of the major players in the dealer network in attendance Logistik Group supported representatives throughout ensuring BMW UK’s key messages for the year were delivered in an innovative and cohesive way. Offering attendees a limitless opportunity to engage with the conference content on multiple platforms delegates left delighted with the standard of information and organisation.

Working closely with BMW UK from start to finish Logistik delivered a highly technical conference with impressive production elements designed to reinforce and cement BMW UK’s messages of innovation and endeavour. Production elements for the event included a premium set incorporating a stage, viewing screens, roving microphones and repeater screens, atmospheric stage lighting, display vehicles, audio, graphics operation and VT playback. As ever the goal was to present all of BMW UK’s key messages in an engaging and unique way, utilising production and intricate communication to captivate attendees.

The conference expertly employed Logistik Groups Event Companion to support and relay BMW UK’s content, engaging delegates with individual iPad’s that reinforced the central conference programme throughout ensuring content reception was at an all-time high. The Event Companion app was preloaded with everything that attendees required to interact with the conference in its entirety thus allowing delegates a greater proximity to the information and wider content of the event in this instance specifically including live agendas, interactive activities for breakout sessions and personalised statistical information. Event Companion was also utilised throughout to permeate a series of calls to action that delegates were able to sign up for, pledging to complete once they returned to their dealerships. Providing this deeply personalised element goes to the heart of what Logistik look to achieve at any event often embedding themselves firmly in the ethos of the company they are working with in order to take their internal understanding to the next level.

On reflection of the event Logistik Groups joint Managing Director, James Wilkins, heralded the content engagement and overall innovation as high-points for the event teams. ‘The development of Event Companion to support across events of all types has proved successful, we are able to tailor the event experience to each individual subtly reinforcing the central messages that the client has highlighted while ensuring a high return of data capture and engagement statistics. The atmosphere and overall tone that the production team created perfectly embodied the aesthetic goals that were set by BMW allowing us to mirror the sophistication and identity associated with the brand. We are always thrilled to work with companies that are interested to excite and celebrate their staff, moving beyond the conventional to educate and inspire internally. This was a wonderful event for all.’

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