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momondo proves Brits love a City break

Travel search site has carried out an extensive survey of British travel habits and results show city breaks are more popular than ever, with 52% of those asked stating them as a preferred type of break.
Shorter in length than the average beach holiday, the three- to five-day city break classically is taken mid-week, or over a long weekend. City breaks encourage travellers to explore new parts of the world within a shorter space of time – often without the need for a full week’s leave from work.

From the momondo survey in January 2014, the travel site found a massive 56% of Brits went on one or more city break in 2013. And of these asked, a considerable 30% of Brits questioned, had been on one city break abroad during 2013. Furthermore, 15% had taken two city breaks in 2013, and interestingly 10% of Brits surveyed, had been on three or more city breaks in 2013.  

Brits most want a bite of the Big Apple
New York lead the way as a city break destination for Brits in the research, with 57% of those surveyed by momondo listing it as a favourite. Rome came in second, with 49% of Brits listing it as a favourite, and Paris a close third with 45% of Brits opting for it. Joint fourth-most chosen were Barcelona and Venice, with 44% of Brits selecting these cities as favourites, and in fifth place came Amsterdam, with 36% of Brits listing it as a favourite.  

Brits journeying further afield
However the survey also delivered a few surprises. As 17% of Brits choose Norway’s capital Oslo as a preferred city break destination, 15% preferred Finland’s capital Helsinki, 15% selected Germany’s Munich, and 13% opted for Poland’s Krakow.  

Other nations
In international comparison, momondo found Norwegians showed even more enthusiasm for a city break, with 69% of them citing it as a preferred holiday choice, whilst 68% of Italians, 61% of Finns, 60% of Spaniards, and 58% of Germans, stated city breaks as a preferred holiday option. Nations who favoured city breaks slightly less than the UK were the Swedes, with 48% citing city breaks as a preferred holiday choice, 44% of Dutch, 23% of Russians, 22% of Americans, and just 11% of French, citing city breaks as a favoured types of trip.  

"We were pleased to see so many Brits actively taking city breaks – a fantastic way of immersing oneself in the local culture of another country, for a few days.  The survey also shows that Brits are among the most active city breakers. They are clearly attracted to the versatility and the amount of things to do that cities offer. Cities offer also an easier access into the local culture than other holiday forms. We were delighted to report that cities such as Oslo, Munich and Krakow were gaining popularity amongst the Brits too,” says Julie Pedersen, Travel Spokesperson at momondo.

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