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20th Anniversary of AG Boutique Journey

Andrea Girolami, the founder
Andrea Girolami, the founder, makes celebration statement
At the end of October AG Boutique Journey celebrated its 20th anniversary.
It is the DMC division of the AG Group, which is unique in Italy for its comprehensive range of services for the travel sector. They encompass tour operations, event management, hotel ownership and management as well as restaurants.

Andrea Girolami founded the business and still runs it hands-on. He and his team handle ever kind of MICE business, from corporate groups to association events and luxury executive travel. Their clients come from all the MICE markets, including the Americas, Europe and Oceania.

At an anniversary celebration, Andrea stated: ‘We are proud to have adopted an advanced business module, unique in Italy and possibly also in Europe, by positioning ourselves as a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to visit our country at its best.

AG Boutique Journey is not just a DMC, it is the passport to an integrated Group which operates all-round in the hospitality world and offers its own Executive and Luxury hotels, a 360-degree scope of Consultancy to hoteliers, Gourmet Restaurants, Bistros, stunning roof-top Terraces and a solution to any dream request of every possible and imaginable trip.

‘Whoever contacts us will discover not only rooms, but unique and original ingredients for creating a boutique journey in all forms.

‘Over the many years of operating, we have adjusted our organisation several times over, always in accordance with changing demand and market trends and shifts, thus confirming our dynamic and competitive nature. Today, thanks to the excellent reputation which we have gained from continuously surpassing expectations, our high standards of service, our passion for Italy and our client-oriented nature, we have created an efficient and competent format that is writing a new chapter in the history of hospitality.

‘To those who continue to ask me how we got here, I reply’ rather modestly, that we still stand by our company motto. One of our secrets is to always be large enough and small enough, that is to efficiently manage all aspects of the journey but also by giving each and every programmme a personal touch. ‘Boutique’ is not just a whim or a claim, it is the necessary element in supporting the operators, particularly at a time when moderate sales are posing a threat and are dangerous rivals to the professionalism of the agents, who fortunately find in us, more than just service or a supplier, they find support, friendship and partners.’

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