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The debut of the AG Hotels' rooftop terraces during the Italian summer

The Independent Terrace.
The first official step of the new Tourist Group, and the only one in Italy, to present its own in-house solutions to satisfy all requests for Incoming hospitality.
Only days after its official debut, The AG Group, first and only Tourist Group in Italy in a position to satisfy all of its services in-house whilst also delivering all necessary services in-house to respond to today’s trend and demand, the DMC / Tour operator and Event Management, The Hotel Consulting Agency, Its very own Hotels and The Private retreats catering to the elderly, founded and directed by Andrea Girolami, who inaugurates the magnificent panoramic terraces over Rome for the summer months.

The Terraces
There are two, that of The Independent Hotel, a four star property located on the via Volturno, and that of The Tribune Hotel, also four star and located along the Via Campania, in front of the immense green park of the beautiful Villa Borghese.

Each located respectively on the seventh and eighth floors and offering spectacular views over the

capital with its architectural riches. Worth noting is that, the terrace of The Independent is the highest terrace of Rome, the views only prove this!

The proposal is first class because the goal is to blend the visual experience of guests with these spectacular panoramas as well as offer a resting place and fine service during those special moments of the day.

Both of the terraces have a well stocked bar and The Tribune Hotel opens at Happy Hour every day starting from 6.30pm, with a signature menu designed daily by the Star chef Andrea Fusco, the creative director of AG Foodies. The Tribune's champagne choice, in particular, includes as many as 50 types of Italian and French bubbles.

The terrace of The Independent continues its restaurant business with some upgrades, and is always open to the public at all hours of the day, even from early morning at breakfast.

The terraces are large and have plenty open space as well as indoor covered areas. This is another important particular which is ominous and makes them not only suitable for the public but guarantees secluded and welcoming corners which are perfect for business meetings, special events, celebrations, office parties birthdays and for product launches.

This is all surrounded by the splendor of the most extraordinary city on the planet, Eternal Rome, the only one of its kind in Europe and in the world.

A warm welcome to one of the seven wonders of the world the Coliseum and home to the Sovereign state The Vatican City.

Remember also that the first five-star opening of the AG Hotels, The Tornabuoni in Florence, will open at the end of the year and this too will have its own a spectacular panoramic terrace overlooking the rooftops and splendours of the capital of Italian Renaissance.

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