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New Wellness Coach at Badrutt's Palace to launch four  holistic wellness programmes at Palace Wellness this winter season

Wellness at Badrutt's Palace
Celebrated as one of the most luxurious and natural spas in the Swiss Alps, Palace Wellness at Badrutt's Palace is set to launch four new exclusive wellness programmes for guests this winter season. Overseen by the hotel's new Wellness Coach, Vinod Kumar, each programme is designed with specific results in mind, be it reducing stress, combatting physical or emotional pain. recharging the body's energy. 

Lasting seven days, each programme consists of ten personalised sessions, each echoing the Palace Wellness' holistic approach to wellbeing. A certified yoga master from India, Vinod Kumar joins Badrutt's Palace with twelve years of expertise in Hatha and Raja Yoga as well as specialist interest in yoga therapies and stress management programmes such as deep relaxation and meditation.   

The Programmes:
For those who feel the pressure from fast-paced life, the Stress Management Programme is designed to help promote inner calm and healthy coping strategies through yoga, meditation and personal training. Therapeutic massage assists relaxation while traditional Ayurvedic treatments such as Shirodhara reduces anxiety and aids mental focus.   

The final programme, "Balancing the Energy Flow" focuses on achieving equilibrium in the body's energy channels while the "Releasing Physical and Emotional Pain" helps ease tight and stiff bodies, whether its from hitting the slopes or sitting at a computer. A mixture of yoga sessions, energising massages and personal training help to stretch muscles and rid the body of any excess physical, and mental, weight that restricts the body and mind.   

For those looking for a more in depth spiritual experience, "A Journey To Self Love" helps guests to travel to their inner core, teaching them to love their body and see inner beauty. Yoga and self guided meditation promote positive mindset while a "self massage" class teaches guests to perform relaxing and nurturing massage techniques on themselves. 

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