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Goodnight and sweet dreams at five-star Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Award-winning resort offers comprehensive sleep diagnostics programme and sleep therapy all under one roof

Waking up refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to start the day is a fantastic feeling but often feels like a distant dream as we drag ourselves out of bed after struggling to get a good night’s sleep.  
At Europe’s leading wellbeing and medical health resort, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, guests are offered the chance to immerse themselves in a deep sleep experience, with sumptuous beds, duvets and pillows to satisfy the most discerning of guests, as well as an advanced sleep diagnostics programme and treatments for more troubled sleepers.

People spend an average of about one-third of their life sleeping and it’s a highly important function, essential for growth, development and for psychological processing. The quality and quantity of sleep we receive impacts on our health, relationships and work. Yet, according to the Sleep Council, one in five people suffer from lack of sleep. If you are one of the many people experiencing problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night, snoring, inability to get restful sleep, daytime tiredness, lack of energy, difficulty in concentrating or insomnia, then five-star help is now at hand at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.  

Sleeping is believing!
Nestled in a peaceful valley in the Swiss Alps, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers expert advice to help you get a sound night’s sleep. From Bico mattresses in the Grand Hotel Quellenhof, Airtouch airbeds from DOC in the Spa Suites Tower or Funke and Airlux box spring beds in the Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz, guests are assured of nocturnal rest filled with sweet dreams.  

When it comes to bedding, the resort’s dedicated housekeepers and butlers can advise on what to go for. Choose the Exclusive Neck Support Pillow Spelt Pillow that regulates moisture and prevents perspiration, or the Cool Down Pillow with microcapsules in a Climarelle fleece that harden and release heat energy so sweating and freezing become a thing of the past. For a dreamy sleep, spelt aromatherapy pillows are available, including soothing lavender, eucalyptus, balancing rose petals, calming balm leaves and thyme to improve nasal breathing. Don’t forget to get cosy with duck down Mühldorfer or DuPont anti-allergy duvets and blankets.  

Sleep diagnostics
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has developed a specialist two-day ‘Sleep Diagnostics’ programme incorporating video polysomnography, which records every possible disturbance factor during your sleep enabling a clear diagnosis and treatment plan.  

During the two-day ‘Sleep Diagnostics’ programme guests will undergo the following comprehensive analysis:
Ø  Thorough medical examination at the hotel’s Medical Health Centre
Ø  Weight and body mass index measurement
Ø  Central nervous system function check
Ø  Spine check
Ø  Laboratory examinations of liver, kidneys, thyroid, blood sugar, blood lipids and blood count
Ø  Lung function test (including lung volume and airway resistance testing)
Ø  Thorough sleep investigation using video polysomnography
Ø  Concluding medical consultation (discussion of the investigation results, personalised advice and recommendation of possible therapy methods)
Ø  Personal health dossier
Ø  Personal guidance during the programme  

The video polysomnography is carried out in a specially equipped Sleep Diagnostics Suite. State-of-the-art technology enables the following important sleep characteristics to be easily and reliably recorded:
Ø  Electroencephalogram (EEG)
Ø  Eye movements and muscle tension
Ø  Sleep cycles
Ø  Respiration monitoring & snoring if applicable
Ø  Blood oxygen level
Ø  Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Ø  Leg movement pattern
Ø  Body position and change of position

All the experts under one roof
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz understands that finding out why you are not getting a sound night’s sleep is just the first step to solving the problem and effective treatment often involves expertise from a wide range of medical fields.  

The unique resort is one of the very few places where all the specialists linked to sleep disorder treatment are under one roof. This means whether you lie awake anxious and stressed, grind your teeth through the night or have trouble breathing in bed, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has the right expert for you, with specialists in pneumology, cardiology, neurology, psychology, nutrition, dentistry and much more.  

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz understands the crucial part that sleep plays in today’s busy world, and that without it, we run the risk of suffering long term health problems. With the extensive array of sleep-focused programmes and treatments available at the resort, there has never been a better time to get a good night’s kip!  

The ‘Sleep Diagnostics’ programme is priced at CHF 4,850/£3,489 per person and includes two nights in a specially equipped sleep diagnostics room at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz with an accompanying person. The package includes a generous breakfast and full access to the resort’s unique 36.5 wellbeing package including unlimited access to the 36.5°  Wellbeing & Thermal Spa and the legendary Helena pool, bathing experiences in the popular Tamina Therme (public thermal spa), and daily complimentary health and relaxation activities.

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