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Swiss team building incentives

Snow Camel

Make use of winter months

A way to go sledding in Adelboden reminds one of riding a unicycle, but it is easier to learn. And it is much more fun. Especially if one builds the Skibock oneself.
Adelboden offers an entire event program where the Skibock is built and tested under expert guidance. After the night time sledding party, the ‘Swiss-certified Skibock builders’ are rewarded with a fondue dinner.

The idea dates back as far as 1920, when a family from Adelboden took old wooden staves without flanges (made from old barrels), screwed on a piece of wood at 90 degrees and mounted another plank onto that so it lay above and parallel to the ski below. The ultimate fun winter sport accessory had been created.

Today the wooden seat is screwed onto sawn-down skis and the local children have used this means of transport for many years to get to school more quickly in the winter months.

So the Skibock has moved from being a practical help, to a showpiece and now to a fun way to match corporate team against team in building and riding a form of snow transport.

Snow golf for all
Swap ski poles one afternoon for golf clubs, hand out some brightly coloured golf balls and get your group to enjoy a different kind of golf on the white ‘greens’ on top of the wide plateau at Tortin, at an altitude of 2,050m.

Golfing skills are not essential to play a 3-hole tournament, just a sense of fun for golfers and non-golfers alike. It is not difficult to work out an easy-going competition between teams. They can then all relax afterwards at the restaurant ‘La Chotte Tortin’ It is located beside the course and it hires out the golf equipment.

Camel trekking – in the Swiss Jura
Groups can ride on camels on the snow in the depth of winter. They are Mongolian camels that have no problem with the cold because of their thick fur. They also pass on their warmth, keeping the riders cosy.

They are available for sightseeing tours at the foot of the Chasseral, ending with a traditional Swiss fondue meal at a farm.

There are also ponies as alternative transport for the less daring!

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