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Kameha Grand Zurich to launch inventive Space Suite

Kameha Grand Zurich Space Suite
The Kameha Grand Zurich Hotel, Autograph Collection's first property in Switzerland is set to launch a cutting-edge Space Suite designed by German artist Michael Najjar. The Space Suite will immerse guests in an out of this world experience with features such as Universe motifs, a zero gravity bed and steam bath with artistic views into space.

The Space Suite finds perfect alignment with the sensory experience flowing throughout the hotel, creating a place where fantasy and reality converge, full of innovation and freedom of thought.

The creative flair behind the Space Suite stems from Michael Najjar - a visual artist, adventurer and future astronaut who has undergone intensive cosmonaut training in Russia. Najjar will also be the first contemporary artist in space as one of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Pioneer Astronauts.  

The idea behind the Space Suite is to immerse guests or ‘crew members’ in the atmosphere of a space station, tapping into various elements of perception to enliven the experience. Quirky features include an automated female voice inspired by John Carpenter’s science fiction film ‘Dark Star’ to welcome the crew member in 8 different variations, spot lights inspired by rocket engines and a space glove where crew members can place their phones or key cards. The bed will also be designed in a way to look like it is floating, while the mattress is shaped as a black rectangle to reflect the monolith from 2011: A Space Odyssey.

The steam bath follows through with the Universe motif and features a small window which presents a view into space and down on Earth. Crew members can also relax using an IPod, extensive library and Apple TV filled with information in German and English related to the topic of space. Najjar’s artistic influence can also be seen with four acrylic platforms holding mock ups of historic rockets and space ships and three artworks by Najjar himself.  

Founder & CEO of Kameha Grand Zurich, Carsten K. Rath, commented: “Moving between fiction and reality is a key feature of the Kameha brand, the Space Suite epitomises the ability of Kameha Grand Zurich to blur the lines between the two, creating an incredible design destination.”  

Kameha Grand Zurich offers the galaxy getaway 2 night package from 1845 CHF/£1282 per night. This includes B&B accommodation in the space suite, space amenities on arrival, 1.5hours bodyflying/1 hour flight simulation in an a A320, personalised future in space book by Michael Najjar, opportunity to visit Michael Najjar’s Berlin studio and meet him and a designer art gift to take home. Subject to terms and conditions.

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