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Aberdeen technology accommodates hotel's Wi-Fi needs  

Fasque Castle exterior at night
Fasque Castle Estate enlisted the help of leading IT specialists, Indigo Technologies to support their connectivity and bring them into the digital age.  
Aberdeenshire’s luxury hotel with a modern twist is popular throughout the year with both international guests and local visitors; and having excellent wireless connectivity is an essential requirement for them all.

However, having been approached by various providers who offered to re-cable the venue, Fasque Castle Estate, owned by the ICMI Group turned to Indigo for a solution that would avoid disruption to the busy hotel, especially during its peak wedding and summer season.  

Sales Director at Indigo Technologies, Aileen Scott explained, “Wireless connectivity is now arguably the most popular method of getting online. This technology is especially important for hotels that recognise digital connectivity as an essential part of customer service excellence, and aim to accommodate their guests who bring an ever-increasing number of mobile devices on their travels.”  

With almost 74% of travellers viewing Wi-Fi as a key factor for choosing a hotel, Fasque Castle Estate invested in Indigo Technology’s innovative and competitively priced MESH Wi-Fi service, GeoWeave. Developed in-house, the wireless system creates ultra cost effective, zero configuration, plug and play wireless mesh networks that spread internet connection throughout a business, hotel, coffee shop, shopping centre and just about anywhere else. No matter what the construction of the building may be, granite, metal or any other type of construction, GeoWeave can ensure a wireless signal can be accessed from any device in any part of the building.  

Niki Gillies, Operations Manager at ICMI explained, “At Fasque Castle Estate we always put the needs of our guests first, and we were keen to meet their demands for Wi-Fi service, but with minimal disruption to guests staying at the hotel. Indigo was able to offer us an innovative technology that was not only commercially competitive, but also allowed the hotel to carry on, business as usual as the system was installed.”  

GeoWeave eliminates the need to install cabling throughout the building to provide network access to typical wireless access points, saving up to 70% in providing a full wireless networking solution with minimal disruption to the business.  

Indigo also used the opportunity to introduce a new data capture application for the hotel, which would allow ICMI to follow suit within the hospitality industry offering an effective user experience to its guests alongside a helpful and effective connectivity and customer relationship process.  

Niki added, “It’s a fantastic benefit for our sales and marketing team to have the new data capture application. This means we can now offer personalised and useful information to our visitors and provide an overall improved guest experience.”

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