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Team Aberdeen celebrate Local Ambassadors

Team Aberdeen Local Ambassadors with awards
Team Aberdeen has announced the success of its inaugural award ceremony aimed at recognising individuals from the academic and corporate communities on their efforts to bring  conferences and events into the local area. 
The awards dinner, held at Norwood Hall on Wednesday 6th May, welcomed 70 guests all from academic backgrounds, recognised the efforts of the city ambassadors who have successfully secured new business for the city, celebrating Aberdeen as a diverse conference destination.

Team Aberdeen which is a collaboration between AECC, VisitAberdeen, the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University collectively brought a total of 16 new conferences and 6,000 delegates in 2014/15 into the city with an estimated economic benefit worth £9 million into the region.  

Steve Harris, CEO of VisitAberdeen, said:  “The Ambassadors Awards Dinner is an important event as it allows us to recognise the work done by our ambassadors to bring conferences to the city. This will hopefully encourage others to do so as well, with the support of the Team Aberdeen Ambassadors partners. Tonight is very much a celebration of the diverse range of expertise that Aberdeen has to offer, both in our academic communities and the corporate market, worth an estimated £9m, these conferences are very important in strengthening Aberdeen’s position in the conference market.”  

Nikki Pearce, Business Development Office, CPD Team, University of Aberdeen, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to celebrate the work of Team Aberdeen ambassadors who have brought such a diverse range of successful events to the city.  It is also a chance to inspire other colleagues to explore future opportunities.”  

Professor Cherry L Wainwright, Director of the Institute for Health & Welfare Research The Robert Gordon University Riverside East, said: "I am delighted to have been invited to accept this award from Team Aberdeen on behalf of the organising committee of the ICBL conference; Dr Giovanna Bermano (RGU), Dr Marie Goua (RGU) and Dr Klaus Wahle (University of Aberdeen). Organising an international conference is an exciting experience, but also a lot of hard work.  Without the enormous support from Team Aberdeen in terms of conference organisation, sourcing hotel accommodation and identifying superb venues for the social events, it would have been so much harder. Everyone was so incredibly helpful - they truly work together as a great team and it was a joy to work alongside them.  In fact we enjoyed it so much we are back working on a bid to bring another conference to the city in two years time."  

Louise Lonie, Sales Director for AECC, said: “We are delighted to have been involved with the Team Aberdeen Ambassadors and creating this event to recognise their work. Aberdeen’s team approach is fantastic for attracting conferences and events of this scale to the city and we look forward to working closely with the ambassadors on future events.” 

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