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‘Italy doesn’t have to be expensive’

Lorenzo Pignatti

Lorenzo Pignatti, CEO of +39 Events, talks to ITCM

‘Organisers must use a DMC in Italy’, says Lorenzo Pignatti. He would say that, of course, because he started his own DMC, +39 events, in February 2010. But he is able to give reasons for his assertion. ‘I worked many years as a DMC previously and I could see opportunities being missed, especially in the quality of service being provided for the foreign clients. So I am now running my own show and putting my ideas into practice.

‘My main point for UK clients is that they have to ignore all those people who automatically say that Italy is expensive. This is where the knowhow and creativity of the local DMC counts for so much.

‘Yes, costs in destinations such as Rome and Florence can be high. But there are small towns and resorts just half an hour’s drive from the centre of those cities where good quality facilities are less than half the price. And those places, such as, say, Siena, have their own charm and attractions and the journey is not as long as moving from one side of Rome to the other’.

He maintains, therefore, that organisers should simply say “yes, we would like to use Italy”, give us the budget and let us do the thinking. We will achieve what they want within that budget’.

Lorenzo is also hot on the need for total transparency on the part of the DMC in Italy. ‘We show our clients exactly what their money is spent on, with quotations, invoices, contracts, receipts, open books. Put us to the test and we will prove we can do it’.

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