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ILEA UK Chapter announces new Board

ILEA UK Baord member
The International Live Events Association (ILEA) UK Chapter announced its new board yesterday at the chapter’s Annual General Meeting held at Oval Space. Alistair Turner, Managing Director of EIGHT PR & Marketing, officially took over the position as President of the Chapter for the 2016/17 year and unveiled the key strands of his ambition for the association.

The main thrust of the vision for the year was to build on the success of the previous board’s achievement through a campaign he called ‘Follow the Conversation’; a way of bringing the membership together behind a shared vision for the live events industry, whilst underlining the community value of the chapter. Turner also announced plans for ILEA UK to use the high quality of its content to allow it to be ‘dragged into every corner of the country’, as part of a secondary objective to widen the footprint of the association.

As part of ILEA UK’s succession policy, the new board saw promotions from Director at Large positions to Vice President seats across its Programmes, Membership, and Innovation posts. Darren Bandoo, PRG (programmes), Rui Cruz Alves, TFI Group (membership), and Gavin Williams, FatUnicorn (innovation), have all joined the board with Director at Large support from Sarah Page (Event Concept) and Georgia Toppin (The Barbican).

New appointments included Kirk Thomas, Athena Events Group in Education, as well as Carlo Zoccali, Arsenal FC, and Richard Kadri-Langford, Lime Venue Portfolio, in the Vice President and Director at Large positions respectively for Marketing. Turner also announced Mike Fletcher, Freelance Content Provider & Consultant, will act as a special advisor to the board to implement the chapter’s vision of widening the footprint of ILEA throughout the UK. Finally, past President Kevin Jackson will continue to support the new board whilst taking on the responsibility for finance.

“It’s difficult to quantify the work done by the last board and the #morenifesto. The chapter has taken some huge leaps forward and the main responsibility of the new board is to keep the momentum going,” commented Alistair. “For us this is about understanding why #eventprofs join ILEA, which is to meet, talk, debate with other professionals about what we see as the pointy bit of the event industry, the bit that delivers growth to the industry, the bit where events are about brands and businesses, experiences and communities.”

“The majority of the board sat on Kevin’s board last year and we have some new faces joining from across our committees. This means we can keep up the momentum and everyone has already bought into our shared goals, which is about delivering value for our members,” concluded Alistair.

The full ILEA UK 16/17 board is as follows:
President - Alistair Turner - EIGHT PR & Marketing
Past President & Finance - Kevin Jackson - The Experience is the Marketing
Incoming President - Jason Allan Scott - VenueMe
VP Marketing - Carlo Zoccali - Arsenal FC
Marketing DaL - Richard Kadri-Langford - Lime Venue Portfolio
VP Membership - Rui Cruz Alves - TFI
Membership DaL - Georgia Toppin - The Barbican
VP Programmes - Darren Bandoo - PRG
Programmes DaL - Sarah Page - Event Concept
VP Education - Kirk Thomas - Athena Events Group
Innovation DaL - Gavin Williams - FATUnicorn
Special Advisor to Board - Mike Fletcher- Freelance Writer / Social Media Consultant

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