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Callum Gill takes on new client and innovation role at drp

Callum Gill
Callum Gill has been a team member at drp for over 6 years and 2016 sees him promoted and move into a business development focused role as Head of Client Insight & Innovation. The role has been created to capitalise on the continuous emphasis each drp division puts on innovation and insight. The role will operate across the agency’s divisions, bringing teams together and identifying the most important trends and developments in communication, marketing, live events, video, digital, design and exhibition.

The role will also pull together sector insights, developments in technology and general business trends. Gill first started out as a copywriter at drp, before taking on a PR & marketing role. Gill became Marketing Manager in 2012, overseeing group-wide marketing activities.  

Callum had the following to say about his new role and what he is expecting to achieve, “I think we’ve always had a culture of innovation at drp. As we grow it’s not always easy to capitalise on the collective knowledge that’s held within the business as everyone is focused on delivering the vest service for clients. I’m going to be focused on using that insight and expertise to help clients understand trends and shifts in the comms landscape and help them make the best choices about engagement strategies. I’ll also be able to introduce the team to all the weird and wonderful things going on in the industry too.”

The information Gill gathers will be brought together and shared across the agency and also provided to clients to help improve their strategies and processes when sourcing communication solutions. At its heart, the role will help drp continue to position itself at the forefront of developments across sectors and channels, helping the agency win new business as it couples insight with creative solutions focused on ROI.

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