Why did BVEP publicly discourage UK Events Week?

Isn’t it supposed to encourage MICE initiatives?

ITCM was surprised to receive a release from Michael Hirst, Chair of The Business Visits & Events Partnership (BVEP) distancing that body from UK Events Week, an initiative announced by Mash Media to coincide with their show, Confex 2016, 29th February to 4th March. .

There is a not-for-profit National Events Month in October supported by BVEP and the quasi-Government organisation is concerned that there may be confusion caused by having two such initiatives.

ITCM (Incentive Travel & Corporate Meetings) was founded in 1988 and, along with many other commercial enterprises, was actively supporting the events industry for over 20 years before the Government decided to join in with the launch of BVEP.

It does, therefore, seem odd to think that this public/private body should openly show disapproval of a commercial initiative to stimulate more and more interest in this valuable sector of the economy – valuable for the world as well as the UK.

If BVEP felt that Mash Media had been remiss in not discussing their plans with BVEP at an early stage, surely a quiet word on the side would have been sufficient. If a private enterprise body wishes to put its weight behind another means of promoting the MICE sector, BVEP should be pleased.

In the opinion of ITCM, the more initiatives promoting the MICE sector, the better.

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