What makes a destination attractive?


The award-winning 3D film of Jerusalem helps to provide an answer

Everyone engaged in the global travel sector is asked by acquaintances ‘Which is the best trip you have ever made?’
That is an impossible question to answer, of course, without defining the word ‘best’. Was it a canoe trip on the Zambezi close to the edge of the Victoria Falls? Was it a day with a group in Disney’s Magic Kingdom? Was it attending a ball in Vienna?
If the question relates to a choice of destination for an incentive group, then there are entirely different criteria. What is the age range of the award winners? Does the host company prefer some kind of connection with its core business? How important is the overall cost? What about flight connections? And so on . .

However, anyone who has ever had the opportunity to explore Jerusalem must feel that that ancient city deserves a position in the top of any table of merit.

And National Geographic has produced a film, called simply ‘Jerusalem’, that shows just why this is a destination with so many uniquely attractive features.

The film Jerusalem is in 3D and was awarded Best Film 2014 (Short Subject) by the Giant Screen Association.

ITCM was privileged to see a private screening in the BAFTA theatre in London’s Piccadilly by the Israel Government Tourism Organisation during Confex week.

The film has a very interesting format, obviously influenced by the sensitive political nature of Jerusalem. Three teenage girls take it in turn to show the film makers round the city in which they live and which they love. One is Farah Ammouri, a Muslim; another is Nadia Tadros, who is a member of the Greek Orthodox faith; the third is Revital Zacharie, who is Jewish.

Jerusalem is inextricably part of the origins of these three global faiths and so has a special significance to the many millions of people in all parts of the world who follow them. The architecture, antiquities and historic associations of the place names create lasting memories for all visitors. And nowhere are there more fascinating, dazzling festivals, rites and ceremonies than in this very small, compact area.

From whichever angle it is viewed, Jerusalem is a city that is one of the most powerfully attractive destinations in the world.

If you get a chance to see that film, don’t miss it!

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