Time’s precious for us all - collaboration is key

Within the team we know the pressures and the difficulties of juggling and spinning many plates and diaries. Especially understanding having 3 parties interested in the same date and various agencies pitching. But I have to say, we also have the same problems in an agency too.

In the venue sourcing world particularly, there can be some little niggles that could possibly be prevented or ironed out. I really mean this: sometimes we can feel like we’re the problem when actually we’re just trying to act on behalf of our client. We know we ask a lot of questions, but it does help if you can respond to these, as we know this is what our client wants to know. And we’re not hiding the client’s name because we want you to guess, we’ve signed an NDA meaning they don’t wish for it to be shared. So best not to guess and then stick it on the proposals!

So, I’ve got no magic wand to solve all these niggles, but I do have some possible solutions. Let’s not get caught up in the motions. Openness and transparency are so important for this to work best for both parties. Here’s some essential tips to help with this collaboration:

Top tips:
• Read the brief properly
Let’s all save some time and pick up the phone or read the requirements carefully. It may be a little time consuming but not as time consuming as completing the enquiry when it’s not working with the brief. If in doubt dial our digits (call us), we are happy to chat.

• Fill in the information we have requested
We ask a lot of questions. We ask tailored questions to the event, but some are generic so a cheeky cheat is to save one of our forms and re use some of the information and, where possible, we will do the same. Make it simple, make it applicable. If you feel like questions do not apply to you – tell us and we can chat it through.

• RING, RING, and RING again.
Try not to get into the habit of calling the day after you have responded to a proposal and then ask for an update – additionally do not call us every other day from there for an update. We/I won’t keep this from you. As soon as we know, we will let you know.

• Contacting clients
It’s all about good professional etiquette and offering lower rates to the client if they cut us out isn’t the best way to move forward. We have good relationships with our clients and they’ll always say. (This rarely happens, but has been done)

• Please communicate!
Don’t release the space without calling us first, that said, flexibility is key. I know we’re all running a business, and financials are important factors, but 'hold-time' could be flexible depending on the nature of the enquiry. A 7 day hold time isn’t realistic for us so please bear this in mind, but also let us know if you release the date as it could be important. Like I said, we know our clients well and can be your greatest advantage with determining or pushing for final sign-off. Possibly hold-times can be reflected upon depending on the enquiry. Plus let’s have this as a conversation. We’re happy to speak on the phone and be honest and open. However, there is a fine line between chasing and stalking. This line can be blurred at times.

I guess what we’re saying is that by collaborating and working together positively, we get the finest results, and who doesn’t want that?

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