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Hidden Gem Venues - Amber Lakes, Bombay Sapphire Distillery and Oxford Mini

Kat Allso, Venue Consultant at venuepot shares some hidden gem venues
At venuepot we always want to be kept up to date about those “think outside of the box” venues, and those unusual event spaces you wouldn’t normally choose – ‘hidden gems’ as we like to call them. We are constantly inundated with requests from clients who want to have first dibs on the out of the ordinary venues to help create an unforgettable experience and event.

Below is a list of three different venues that all have their unique styles and hidden gem locations.

Amber Lakes - A luxury Scandinavian Lodge located 40 minutes from London. This exclusive Windsor venue is made up of Amber Lodge, Pier and Jetty. It is set within 450 acres of land and a 120-acre lake.

This stunning location can accommodate up to 250 guests for a drinks reception and is perfect for hosting exclusive events. In addition to the lodge you can also use the terraces, gardens and surrounding lawns which can hold marquees, tipi’s and other temporary structures. They also have a boat which you can go fishing on the lake in and little islands around the lake which you can explore.

This venue would be perfect for any summer parties, BBQ’s and team away days.

Bombay Sapphire Distillery – This amazing Gin Distillery, based in Hampshire, can be hired for corporate events, meetings, banquets, private parties and much more. This unique venue can accommodate 16 – 200 guests, with your choice of spaces, from a gallery, to a vault, to a botanical dry room and, to our personal favourite…The Mediterranean Glasshouse!

If you have a client who wants something a little different (and loves gin!), then this venue would work perfectly.

Mini Oxford - Mini Oxford is not your usual car manufacturer – this plant offers tours / visits and even event space for those interested in planning an event in an unusual surrounding. The event space is located in one of the plants original assembly halls. The space is 920sqm and can accommodate up to 600 seated delegates with a generous ceiling height of 4.3m. An added bonus is that the venue will offer plant tours as part of your mini experience (at an additional cost), to gain insight into the automotive production.

This venue would be great for any clients wanting to view the automotive plant tour to their peers and clients who are looking to organise a large-scale event for their delegates and create a different experience.

Keep an eye out for next months installment of hidden gems

Hidden Gem Venues - Windmill Hill, Garden Museum, ...
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