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Thank you for 32 years of great support and good-fellowship
Dear visitors to the ITCM website.
I founded Incentive Travel & Corporate Meetings in October 1988 – first as a printed magazine and then transforming it, in 2011, exclusively into a website service. Since then it has grown from a UK circulation of 8,000 to a regular global audience of close to 50,000.

It is very probably unique in this sector in recording literally millions of Page Views per month.

I am now 88 years old and retiring from the business – but I am happy to say I am able to hand over the ownership of ITCM to my 36-yr-old son Alexander. He can be reached with immediate effect on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

I am also happy to confirm that Michelle Chenery, who has served us all so well for about 25 years as the Web Editor, will continue in this role after my departure.

These have been three enjoyable and fruitful decades – so it is a sadness that my activity in this sector has to come to an end during its most difficult time ever. The covid-19 pandemic has made it impossible for anyone to hold meetings, attend exhibitions or offer corporate incentive trips anywhere in the world. It will obviously take time for the MICE industry to recover fully from this in the future.

Obviously, there will be some permanent changes, as the need to find new ways of brainstorming and communicating during this crisis will impact on the way things are done into the future.

But the isolation imposed on business during the pandemic has definitely proved one important point – everyone is very keen to meet other people in person. We desperately wish to retain human contact when we share ideas and experiences. And travel in groups will always be a goal to which everyone will aspire and which will continue to motivate staff at all levels in all departments.

So, a personal cheerio from me to all visitors to the ITCM website and many, many thanks to the writers who have contributed reports, and also to all the people who have provided me with so much news and so much opportunity to travel over so many years – and I offer my good wishes for ITCM to go from strength to strength in maintaining close links between those who offer MICE facilities and those who need them everywhere in the world.

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