There is always an exception to the rule. The world continues to complain about sluggish economies, but there are some areas that are booming.
MICE is quintessentially an international business sector. However, there are too many companies in the sector that are parochial. Are you looking outside your own region?

What about a country with a population of 250m, GDP of US$900bn and a 6.6% growth in GDP? Pipedream? No, it’s called Indonesia. For decades this country has been seen as a sleeping giant. It is now evident that it is very much awake.

Indonesians are actually living longer (life expectancy has recently increased to 70 years) and becoming more sophisticated in commercial and industrial terms. The country is developing a new middle class – and its members are very keen to see the countries that have previously been out of their reach.

At the same time, Indonesian enterprises are anxious to become more efficient. They want to eradicate the gap between their traditional methods and those that have been developed in the more advanced areas of the globe. Consequently, they are happy to fund their new managers in their quest to update their skills and techniques. They are looking to adopt the state-of-the-art systems and knowhow.
Indonesia is therefore one country that can feed conferences around the globe with delegates and provide extra visitors to exhibitions.