MICE promotions can work fast

Destinations and venues can reap big benefits within a couple of years

Not everyone can be a champion in a sport, but pretty well everyone has a competitive instinct in one form or another.
This instinct can be encouraged and then put to good use in business - and particularly in MICE business.
There are hundreds of thousands of people round the world setting themselves targets in all kinds of different ways. Notably there is running or just jogging. They aim for their PB – their Personal Best. It’s a natural inclination.

Companies, cities, countries can harness this built-in sense and encourage people at all levels to beat their records as a MICE destination or a venue. If they succeed, the benefits are remarkable. Everybody gains. Visitors enjoy the enthusiasm with which they are welcomed; venues become better known and more profitable; cities see their local economies expand; nations earn more foreign currency.

Why is it so relevant to the MICE sector?
Income can be generated more rapidly in tourism than in most other industries. And in comparison with other forms of tourism, the MICE markets are easier to define; they require less investment to promote to them; each successful hit brings in multiple visitors; and each visitor spends more per day.

Tourism shows results rapidly because the cycle is usually within a 12-months period from being attracted by a destination and making the visit and spending the money. Roughly the same duration is relevant to a meeting or an incentive. It is only the very large association conferences that have a much longer decision-making cycle.

Advertising a destination via the consumer publications with a huge circulation demands large investments. MICE media require only a fraction of that investment and can hit a big percentage of the market at a national or international level.

One event organiser can bring hundreds of award winners or delegates to a destination at fairly short notice. They are obliged to book into quality hotels and provide the best cuisine available.

Those visitors attending events are usually higher-than-average earners who have their flights, accommodation and food paid by their hosts. They have their own disposable income in their pockets, so that each one of them spends about three times more per day than a conventional holidaymaker.

They are also likely to be responsible visitors, sensitive to local customs and to conservation issues.
MICE business, therefore, is very well worth encouraging. By asking every person in the business travel pipeline to beat previous performances and by showing them the beneficial effects that they can achieve, big strides can be made within just a couple of years.

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