Make networking ‘appen at events

Cormac Corrigan

Mapp2link gives users a ‘push’ towards valued contacts

It is widely believed that people attend conferences as much to network with the other delegates as to hear the presentations. It is often found that a higher percentage of acceptances can be achieved by listing who else will be in the audience in addition to the speakers on the platform.
I was therefore keen to listen to Cormac Corrigan when I met him at EIBTM 2013 in Barcelona last month. He is the CEO of Mapp2link. He has introduced the Mapp2link app to take networking to another level.

You can go dizzy staring at people’s name badges at conferences and at exhibitions in the hope that you see a name that means something to you. Cormac’s app automatically identifies people you know and may well wish to meet. When it finds someone, it gives you a ‘push’.

‘Almost all business people’, explains Cormac, ‘are members of Linkedin. We are probably at the point where most have linked themselves with about 750 other people who are worth meeting when there is an opportunity. It’s a free smartphone app that sends you a ‘push’ notification when one of your valued Linkedin connections is near you at conferences and events. You can ‘see’, connect, message and meet up with other attendees at the same event.’

This is far better than finding out subsequently that you were both there and ‘if only you had known!’ ‘The app is always keeping a look-out for Linkedin partners’, confirms Cormac, ‘but does not drain battery power. It also respects privacy’, he emphasises, ‘because it simply tells you that a person is within meeting range, but does not identify their location. It is up to the two users to agree whether or not to make contact with each other’.

The Mapp2link app is free to download for the individual users.

So, where does the revenue come from?

For a very modest fee, exhibition organisers and event managers can opt to install the system for the added benefit of their visitors and delegates. They can then announce that it will be operating, thus making the event more attractive and valuable to attendees, who know they will have a much enhanced opportunity of meeting people who matter to them.

Over 50,000 users downloaded the app very soon after its launch earlier this year when it won an accolade at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013. It is to be operating at the inaugural Runways UK event on 16 January 2013. And the good news is that the Jenson Seed EIS Fund, a venture capital organisation, has made a substantial investment (thought to be £150,000) for the marketing of the Mapp2link. This should dramatically assist its spread amongst the business population and amongst a wide range of events.

The Mapp2link app can be downloaded free of charge at or from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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