Hidden Gem Venues - Shoreditch Gardens, Stoke by Nayland and Park Royal Studios

In our venue finding search this month, we have come across three unique venues that are perfect for all styles of events. Whether you are in need of a venue for a product launch, video screening or a drinks reception, we have the perfect hidden gems.

Shoreditch Gardens, London – Situated just 10 minutes from Shoreditch High Street, you will set foot in a green oasis on the edge of the city. The venue offers a blank canvas with a capacity of 200-800 people including the gardens and a semi-permanent clear marquee, which is perfect for a wet weather option. It is very unusual to come across an outdoor venue in London which can accommodate these numbers, so perfect for a larger scale outdoor event. Surprisingly, this space is available all day and can be used for an evening event or a daytime event. If you hire the space you get it exclusively for you and your party, and it is also very private and secure, as the venue is surrounded with walled gardens. This setting has been used for corporate summer parties, outdoor cinemas, pop-up food and drink festivals, award celebrations and much more.  

Stoke by Nayland, Colchester – Set in the beautiful Stour Valley, Stoke by Nayland is the perfect luxury getaway or corporate retreat. Housing 80 bedrooms, this beautiful hotel has luxury lodges set in the grounds. These self-catered lodges can accommodate from 2 to 12 guests, they can also be used for small events too. With golf packages, team building, corporate retreats and conferences, this hotel is perfect for all events or incentives programmes.

The real unique factor for this venue is the history behind it - Copella Juice was created at Stoke by Nayland, after the business was sold, the owners still use the orchards in line with the hotel. They use the pressed apples for energy to fuel the hotel and spa.

Park Royal Studios, London – Park Royal Studios have a variety of spaces to suit all kinds of events, including boardrooms and a large restaurant. The studios are located in North West London, so it is easily accessible by major road and rail networks, and they have two large, free car parks on site, which is unheard of in London. The largest studio is Studio 5, it is made up of 513sqm and can accommodate over 630 people. The studio has drive-in access, so it is perfect for bringing in AV equipment, staging and vehicles (it has had 2 double decker buses in the studio too!).

The space is a blank canvas, of which you can turn it into anything you want with a little creative thinking.

Please remember these kinds of venues are dry hire so you will need to hire in everything from furniture to power to caterers. 

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