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Data is the key to the success of events. Every event generates a mountain of data ranging from contact details to dietary requirements to sponsor leads. As the event approaches, that data is typically shared across a variety of participants, from exhibitors to advertisers to hotels. This data can also move across international borders. Put simply, a lot of information moves around a lot of different people in a lot of different countries.

In our privacy-conscious times, it is important for members of the events industry to understand their legal obligations to the data and to the people behind it.

European law requires careful stewardship of personal data regardless of industry, content or nationality. The legal framework governing those standards is going to be extensively modernised and strengthened over the next two years. We will all face increased obligations for data protection, but we must also view this as an opportunity to better serve the profession and the people who attend our events, through stronger data protection standards.

It can seem daunting but, as with health and safety regulations, every organiser of every event needs to understand it. It is a subject about which I I feel passionately and that is why RefTech has decided to publish a White Paper detailing data protection within the events industry and what all companies need to know to stay within the law. The White Paper is free to event organisers.

Event industry professionals face daily data protection dilemmas - ranging from USB stick usage and passwords to web hosts. The White Paper goes through these dilemmas and examines the lessons learnt by organisations who failed to take data protection seriously. We delve into the imminent future of our data protection obligations and give you a greater understanding of the questions you need to ask to ensure robust data protection standards across all levels of your business.

Our objective is to answer many of the questions you may already have about data security in the events industry. If you don’t have any questions, we hope that the White Paper will convince you that you need to think about whether you are taking the proper steps to protect the personal information that you gather about your registrants.

The White Paper is available free to event organisers at:

Deleted data is often accessible
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