FerrariLand Bake-off satisfied every taste

Hotel Republic steered an effective and fun event
Kai Schomann likes to throw a party and he always makes sure his guests have good food and good company, with a high level of entertainment. He also knows that an unusual venue adds to the fun. And last, but certainly not least, he never loses sight of the fact that he is serving a client, so the planning and the effort have to achieve the event’s objective. It focuses attention on what his client has to offer to the MICE sector.

This was all to be seen in a glorious evening in South London a few days ago, when some of the country’s top event agents took part in a PortAventura FerrariLand Bake-Off. Co-hosting with Kai was Jose Rodedo, Senior International Sales Manager for Business & Events at PortAventura Convention Centre, who was also one of the two Bake-Off Judges. Believe it or not, the other Judge was Sydney Paulden, Director of ITCM! Without doubt a great time was had by all.

Kai is MD of Hotel Republic Ltd, which represents on the UK market PortAventura B&E near Barcelona. The objective was to introduce the brand new additional theme park called FerrariLand.

The task set for the highly motivated and competitive bakers was to create a cake in the form of a sleek Ferrari racing car within 1hr and 40mins and the photographs show how well that was achieved and what a tough job it was for the Judges to pick out a winner.

The setting was a pop-up venue called The Big London Bake located in the garden of The Castle pub in Tooting Broadway, in south west London. Originally intended to close at the end of 2017, the husband and wife originators have decided to extend the life of this brainwave idea at least until May 2018 – and probably beyond. The venue has ten individual fully equipped baking stations with hobs, ovens and fridges and a communal store of additives and ingredients to assist in baking masterpieces.

The pub itself has an excellent kitchen and Hotel Republic made sure that all the guests were well provided with home-made burgers, tasty ‘pigs-in-blankets’ and savoury wraps, washed down with drinks of their choice, so that everyone was well fuelled to last the Ferrari course.

PortAventura, Jose explained and illustrated with a short colourful video, is set up to provide all facilities for every kind of corporate and association event, including hotels, meeting rooms and outdoor facilities. ‘It has hosted’, he said, ‘international groups from the sectors of IT, cosmetics and automobiles. We cater for every size and have hosted an event for as many as 2,500 delegates. In 2018 PortAventura will provide accommodation for the competitors and the organising committee of the Mediterranean Games.’

For full details and quotes, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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