Does ITCM Website have a circulation?

User statistics are remarkably stable

Printed magazines and online newsletters have a circulation. They have lists of addresses to which they send their publications regularly.
Does ITCM Website have a circulation?
Well, not in the same sense, because ITCM is open to anyone in the world to access it though their online connection.
However, ITCM has remarkably detailed statistics on the numbers of users, their countries of origin and other valuable information. Study of all this can provide a picture of the website’s audience. The statistics can indicate that people are regularly tapping into the website and are, therefore, equivalent to a requested circulation.

For example, every weekday (Monday to Friday inclusive) the number of visits to the ITCM website is remarkably steady. It varies between 2700 and 3200 per day. Every Saturday and every Sunday the number is between 1350 and 1800 per day.

The average number of visits per person is steady at about 2.5 and the average number of pages viewed on each visit is always just above 4, so each Unique Visitor looks at over 10 pages per month. This gives over 300,000 pages viewed each month through the year.

Holy days and holidays are not the same worldwide. This explains, of course, why we see in the statistics a pattern of variation on individual days and also why there was still substantial use of the ITCM Website during the days of the Christmas and New Year holidays. In fact, those days produced visitor statistics very close to a normal Saturday or Sunday.

We are also able to analyse the type of information on the website that draws the biggest audiences, as we have figures for numbers of visits per page or per item. You can look, for example, at the blogs. By far the biggest attraction has been the piece about building a visit to the Pattaya Elephant Village into a leisure/incentive programme. It has been visited over 10,000 times. Coming up strongly is the more recent piece about the number of Requests For Quotations (RFQs). This has already welcomed over 6000 visitors. Taken together, they give a picture of visitors who are deeply involved in the MICE Sector.

We believe, therefore, that the statistics are evidence of large numbers of MICE executives from all countries of the world making regular use of the ITCM Website.
You will note that on every page there is a chance to click through to a very simple form. It states: To provide a better service for you, can you spare a moment to assist us?’
You can complete this without giving any information about yourself personally. You are not asked for any names or addresses.
It will, sincerely, assist us in building a picture of our audience as a whole globally and of the contents that are of most interest.

Of course, we have a vested interest. Statistics of this kind are needed to attract advertisers to the ITCM Website. Their support enables us to give a better service and gives you, a site visitor, more useful information. It is a win-win situation for all.

I should be very grateful if you could complete this form now and go on enjoying total freedom to access the ITCM Website.

Thank you.
Sydney Paulden

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