China’s dramatic increase in its spend on foreign venues

China is now second only to USA as visitor to ITCM

China is still a novel destination and event organisers can be sure that their award winners or delegates will have memorable experiences if they select some part of China for their venue or programme. It is a huge country, with unending diversity of customs and cultures, visitor attractions, flora and fauna – and it was closed to foreign visitors for long periods.

But it is also worth bearing the converse in mind: the Chinese population is now eager to experience the outside world. Foreign countries have the variety, the unfamiliar, the experiences waiting to happen that are fiercely attractive to the Chinese.

And those Chinese who travel outside their own borders have remarkable amounts of disposable income. There are tales galore of their spending power on quality hotel accommodation, top designer goods and hosted excursions.

A recent example was a group of 18 Chinese on a 7-day Mediterranean cruise who together spent over US$800,000 at their ports of call.

Bear in mind that they not only spend for themselves, but usually have lengthy shopping lists for their families and friends back home.

It is now becoming clear that they also enjoy travelling in corporate groups. Reed Travel Exhibitions, owners of the EIBTM, AIBTM, IBTM Africa and India and AIME MICE exhibitions, have recently announced research results that show that 294 Chinese MICE buyers who attended CIBTM 2013 in Beijing had in the previous year spent US$230m on foreign hotels as meetings venues. And the view is that this is just the start. Greater expenditure is forecast year on year to come.

No one doubts that China, for so long the MICE market of the future, is now fulfilling that earlier promise and is the major growth market of today.

ITCM Website is certainly noticing the impact. China’s MICE executives are beating a path to our door. In June 2012, China was 17th in the list of countries viewing pages on ITCM. In 2013 it was 11th. And in 2014 China has jumped to second after the USA, with Great Britain placed third!

For a printed publication in Europe to take account of China’s growing interest in MICE information it would take many months of work and a large investment to research a circulation and send out the copies.

ITCM Website re-acts immediately to meet the need. Those Chinese organisers and travellers with some knowledge of the English language simply visit or and they can benefit from 100 items of news a week, top level interviews, venue site inspections and destination reports.

Whoever wants to engage in the MICE business, anywhere in the world, ITCM Website is immediately available to meet their needs. As a result, Unique Visitors to ITCM have increased 17% in the past year.

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