The ITCM Website has welcomed as many as 47,000 Unique Visitors in a single month. We believe it is perfectly natural to assume that they are people with a pertinent job in the MICE sector. They have, of their own free will, chosen to visit with no enticements.

However, what if everyone who visits the site were promised a free gift – and that gift were, say, a £25 M&S voucher or a free ticket to a Premier Division football match? Could we be confident, in that case, that the visitors to the site were the people we are targeting?

ITCM has noticed a trend of late in the MICE sector to offer gifts that are totally unconnected with the business at hand. Employers might be happy for their staff to gain an iPhone as a prize that could make them more efficient in doing their jobs, but make-up, clothing accessories and theatre tickets? Are they evidence that employees are attending events for the right reasons?

And, very importantly, can the people who pay to meet those attendees be confident they are going to network with people who have turned up with the best of business intentions?