John Fisher started his career in direct marketing after a languages degree at Oxford. He met Tony Moy and formed P&MM in 1989. Since then he has run four other events/incentives companies, written seven business books, sold out twice and produced three children. He currently runs FMI Group which specialises in brand engagement and digital communications for corporate clients.
Simon Clayton – Chief Ideas Officer - RefTech

Simon has been working with data and computer systems longer than he cares to remember (sometimes longer than he can remember!). For Simon, IT has always been a combination of computer networking and system/application development.

Over the years, amongst other things, Simon has taught computer networking for systems staff managing networks with over 10,000 users and written complex data collection, management and analysis systems that have managed data for literally millions of event delegates.

Simon has been the technical inspiration for RefTech since he started the company and has been responsible for devising the online systems used by the IMEX team since they started planning the first IMEX Frankfurt in 2001. In that role he has been largely responsible for ensuring that IMEX has the most technologically sophisticated online systems in the exhibition market whilst maintaining the focus on the user experience.

Simon believes that technology is there to serve a purpose and should never be used just for the sake of it. His business background and wealth of experience in most aspects of systems and user interface design means that he has an unusually pragmatic perspective on technology. Over the past few years, Simon has built a reputation as the ‘voice of reason’. He will cut through the hype and wild exaggerations often made by IT vendors, to give clients and journalists a clear and realistic analysis of how new technologies will impact on the events industry.

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