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Now I understand it!

Michael Douglas, Product Strategy Manager of GenieConnect

Sydney Paulden is very ‘appy after an explanation from Michael Douglas of GenieConnect’s app services

I have a confession to make. I interviewed Michael Douglas, Product Strategy Manager of GenieConnect at Confex in February, but I didn’t put it on the website. The reason was simply that I was not sure I fully understood what the company offered to the MICE sector. I therefore called on his stand at The Meetings Show in July and asked if he could go through it with me again.

At the end of his presentation to me, I suggested a way of summarising what he had explained, just to see if I had grasped it this time round. ‘I see it’, I said, ‘in terms of a large supermarket chain using its computers to explore what its customers’ buying habits are and then offering other products and discounts that might be especially attractive to them.’ ‘You’ve got it’, said Michael.

So, GenieConnect (formerly known as GenieMobile) specialises in creating apps on behalf of convention, conference and exhibition organisers. Whereas apps are generally seen to be of great help to delegates and visitors, advising them of what is happening and when, GenieConnect also gives at least equal weight to what the organisers can learn from the way delegates use their app.

‘The delegates use their app to make the most of the event’, Michael explains in terms that I can understand, ‘and from their usage, the event organisers get a feedback on what individuals are choosing to do and also overall data on the way the event is progressing.

‘This all permits the organisers to further enrich the whole event experience by making special offers to individuals or to the delegates in general, such as which conference sessions are popular and which exhibition stands would be most relevant - and so on.’

So my view now is that the complex technical part of this service is what GenieConnect builds into the system. Use of it by delegates and organisers is actually quite simple – and effective.

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