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ITCM interviews

Gaining a share of the UK MICE market


Kai Schömann, founder of Hotel Republic, talks to Sydney Paulden

The UK is seen by hotels globally as one of the world’s largest MICE markets. A lot of time, effort and money is spent trying to gain entry or to achieve a bigger share.
Kai Schömann analysed what skills and resources would be ideal for a cost-effective representation service in the UK and Ireland and decided that he was able to offer them.
So he founded Hotel Republic in London and eleven years later it is placing as much as 10m Euros a year of MICE business into hotels around the world.

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Iran could be the next big destination

Omer Kaddouri

Rotana is now very active there, CEO Omer Kaddouri tells Sydney Paulden

Omer Kaddouri is convinced that the next big destination – for business and consumer tourism – is Iran. Omer is President and CEO of the Rotana Group of hotels and if he is right with this prediction, then there is certainly no doubt that his company will be one of the first to derive great benefits from it.
Rotana has been active in Iran for four years now and is very aware of what it is and what it can become.

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Velas Resorts aims for global MICE business

Georgina Godoy, Senior Sales Manager

The 5-star Mexican group has all-inclusive rates

The Mexican hotel group Velas Resorts was founded 25 years ago by Eduardo Vela. An entrepreneur with a big stake in the construction industry, he moved into hospitality when he decided that a condominium project would work well as a hotel. He was proved right and now there are four luxury hotel properties offering different choice locations around Mexico, with a fifth on the way in 2016.

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Sri Lanka is all ready for high-end corporate events

Ajith Dias, Chairman of SriLankan

Ajith Dias, Chairman of SriLankan Airlines, talks to Sydney Paulden

If you specifically wanted to design a senior executive for a top job in the hospitality industry that person would look very much like Ajith Dias. He became Chairman of SriLankan Airlines eight months ago and also chairs SriLankan Catering Services.
Previously he headed the company that owned the Colombo Hilton and he had already established the global coffee-house franchise, Barista, in Sri Lanka.

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Don’t forget Nicosia

Lillian Panayi

Lillian Panayi suggests a visit in a Cyprus leisure programme

When I walked onto the Cyprus stand at The Meetings Show in Olympia, Lillian Panayi of the Cyprus Tourism Office in London was talking to a visiting buyer about Nicosia. What she said attracted my interest so I later asked her for more details.
Cyprus is a small island in the Eastern Mediterranean and yet it can offer a remarkable variety of landscapes and activities. It is mainly known for its string of beach resorts, but then a group can swim and sunbathe in the morning, take lunch in an ancient mountain village and end the same day ski-ing in the Troodos mountains.

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