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ITCM interviews

IET venues are downtown and upmarket, Lucy Wright tells ITCM


IET venues are downtown and upmarket, Lucy Wright tells ITCM

Lucy Wright, Key Account Manager of IET Venues, is feeling happier about the conference business. ‘Lead times are coming back’, she says, ‘and future bookings are more healthy’. IET Venues is a small group but has its feet in many markets, so in the darkest days it has been able to find business from one source or another. This is true geographically as well as in terms of business sectors. It has three properties: Savoy Place in London, Austin Court in Birmingham and Teacher Building in Glasgow. It offers facilities, therefore, in the heart of the UK’s three biggest business centres.

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Oman Air is part of Oman’s total tourism package


ITCM interview with Peter Hill, CEO of Oman Air

Under its Chief Executive Officer, Peter Hill, Oman Air has gained a reputation of quality and reliability with the finest service. Peter, an Englishman whose 50-year airline career goes back to BA when it was still BOAC, has had unrivalled experience in the Middle East airline sector.
Now, having been persuaded to stay at Oman Air three years rather than the two years he originally intended, he is about to retire and he can look back on what Oman Air has achieved in that short time.

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Wealth of venues in Westminster


René Dee, CEO of the Westminster Collection, explains how much the City of Westminster has to offer

Asked to define the boundaries of the City of Westminster, very few people (even Londoners!) would be even close. Westminster, so often the portmanteau word for just the Houses of Parliament, actually stretches to Kilburn in one direction and Paddington in another. Members include Kent House in Knightsbridge, the RIBA in Great Portland Street and the Royal Society in Wimpole Street, Goring Hotel near Buckingham Palace, the Law Society in Chancery Lane and even HQS Wellington, home to the Honourable Company of Master Mariners, moored on the Thames near Waterloo Station.

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Making a global Melia of it


Change of name signals a burst of international activity by Melia Hotels

The Sol Melia group of hotels changed its name in June 2011 to Melia Hotels International. It dropped the word Sol as that word, albeit of a sunny disposition, was making it difficult to signal to the world that the group is no longer to be seen as a primarily Spanish enterprise.
John Kelly, Director of Global Sales, Meetings & Events, UK & Ireland, points out that of the 330 Melia properties, 154 are in Spain. ‘We are expanding as a truly global enterprise now’, he stresses. ‘You only have to look at our new openings to see that.’

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Recipe for success in hotel representation


Ellicis is a sibling team that provides a tailor-made service to hotels and organisers alike

Take two sisters.
Put one through a career in hotel management encompassing Trust House Forte, through Granada up to being Director of Sales UK & Ireland for Le Meridien. Steep the other in the airlines sector, right from a check-in chick at Heathrow to a ticket consultant in a big travel agency.
Then put the two together in a hotel representation company.
And what do you get? You get Ellicis Hotels.

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