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Westfield Stratford City can be a corporate base for the London Olympics


Myf, the General Manager, Marketing, for Westfield in UK and Europe, gives Sydney Paulden the details

Westfield is a name well-known to shopaholics around the globe, but may be lesser known on the MICE scene. However, a number of very prominent companies have reason to be grateful to Westfield for the facilities provided during the London 2012 Olympics.

Westfield Stratford City is a giant shopping mall in the East End of London.

As Myf puts it: ‘It is all of 30 seconds walk from the gateway to the Olympic Park.’

Myf, with a Welsh first name (Myfanwy) and an Irish second name (Ryan), comes from Sydney, Australia, and is the General Manager, Marketing, for Westfield in UK and Europe. She says that there is still availability for some of the facilities that Westfield Stratford City can offer during the whole period of the London Olympics. They include space in the office block on the site and, more remarkably, on its roof.

‘Team GB is occupying office space in the building and several big names have taken space on the roof. Here they have the benefit of some specially erected structures that provide unrivalled hospitality areas to entertain guests during the Games. ‘These can each host about 100 people at receptions and are immediately on the spot to reach the main venues. In fact, the panoramic views from the roof take in the Olympic Park and the Olympic Stadium.

‘Catering is provided by Absolute Taste for anything the clients wish to offer their guests’, says Myf.

There are as many as 118 Westfield shopping malls globally. They are prominent in the USA, Australia and new Zealand and there are five in the UK and Ireland. The business has grown from a single small store in Sydney in 1960.

‘Their footprint depends’, says Myf, ‘on their locality, but each is likely to be the largest concentration of retail outlets in its area’.

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