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Eat and meet, as well as play, at Alea Leeds


Sarah Louise Walker, Sales Director, explains a change of name

You may not have heard of Alea Leeds, but it has stood in the middle of the Yorkshire city, alongside the Royal Armouries, for nearly four years.
But Alea Leeds is a change of name now considered to be -more in keeping with its growing reputation as a venue.

‘Till now’, says Sarah Louise Walker, the Sales Director, ‘it was the Alea Casino. However, that tended to give the false impression that meetings and receptions would be held around a roulette table.

‘Yes, there is a gaming floor, but it is only one part of what I regard as a mini-city. We have the Events Suite and Lounge on one floor that can accommodate up to 500 people at a reception or where we can seat 200 to a banquet. On another floor there is the Face to Face lounge where a further 200 can attend a reception or which is ideal for an accompanying exhibition.’

Sarah goes on to say that the Alea Leeds has a plush 50-seat private cinema.

The venue has as many as five bars and its two restaurants have a high reputation. One is the Leeds Kitchen by James Martin, which the celebrity chef has dedicated to top quality British cuisine. The other is The Bird by Vineet. Its Indian chef, Vineet Bhatia, boasts a Michelin star and The Bird was named 'Best Indian Restaurant' in the Yorkshire Post’s Oliver Awards of 2011.

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