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Unspoilt natural beauty with modern comforts

Kerstin Gibert

‘Robinson Clubs meet all criteria and within budget’, says Kerstin Gibert

Robinson Crusoe was marooned in beautiful surroundings, with a great climate. It would be wonderful to share that same experience, except that he lacked modern comforts and facilities.
Well, Robinson Clubs were founded to provide all the services to satisfy discriminating hotel guests whilst still allowing them to enjoy the unspoilt attractions of a desirable destination – and that is why they chose the name ‘Robinson’.

The Robinson idea was first put into practice 40 years ago and now there are 23 successful Robinson Clubs in beautiful locations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. They are in famous beauty spots in Austria, Morocco, Tunisia and even The Maldives, where a second property is about to be opened. And each offers an unrivalled range of services to suit all tastes.

Till now Robinson Clubs, headquartered in Hannover, have mainly been hosting visitors from the German-speaking markets. However, they are going to become very much better known to the rest of the world and especially to group organisers. The person with a major responsibility in spreading the word globally is Kerstin Gibert, Robinson’s Director of International Sales.

She explains: ‘The number of Robinson Clubs is growing and will continue to grow and so the German market will not be big enough to feed the increasing facilities we are introducing. We will require additional sources of visitors.’ Robinson now has marketing representation in the UK, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

In the UK, the attractions of Robinson Clubs are being promoted by Hotel Republic, which specialises in representing international hotel groups to the UK’s MICE organisers.

Kai Schömann, founder of Hotel Republic, appreciated how well matched are the facilities offered by Robinson with the requirements of event organisers and was therefore very ready to assist in launching them into the UK. This is already proving successful and groups from the UK, including Sony, have already enjoyed stays in Robinson properties.

Kerstin described some of the group benefits to ITCM. ‘It goes without saying that Robinson has selected locations that will be very attractive to groups for incentives and for conferences with a leisure programme. However, the destination is not the only important requirement. Budget control can be paramount, too. Robinson offers full board or all-inclusive rates, so that an organiser knows exactly how much a whole project will cost. That can include not only accommodation, food and beverages, but also sports and leisure facilities. Furthermore, the clubs provide an amazing range of courses that guests can attend through the whole of their stay – all included.’

These courses can number as many as 70 or 80 in a week, ranging from instruction in many types of sport, such as swimming and golf, to special techniques in yoga. Guests can choose from a list that could include kite surfing, fencing and boxing to zumba, tai chi and even motorcycle tours on Harley Davidsons.

‘Guests can enjoy themselves and improve their fitness at the same time’, comments Kerstin. ‘Our gyms are equipped to a very good standard.’

Gourmet cuisine is high on the list of Robinson priorities in every location and guests can also choose to learn from the chefs during their stay. There are daily entertainment programmes and the theatres can serve as venues for a plenary session for events.

The properties have accommodation, dining and meeting facilities that suit a wide range of delegate numbers, from ten up to 60 or 80 or, if required and given sufficient lead time, a club can be booked exclusively for anything from 300 to 600 people. ‘We carefully monitor our performance’, says Kerstin, ‘and we are proud to say that guest satisfaction last year was high as 94%.’

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