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Don’t forget Nicosia

Lillian Panayi

Lillian Panayi suggests a visit in a Cyprus leisure programme

When I walked onto the Cyprus stand at The Meetings Show in Olympia, Lillian Panayi of the Cyprus Tourism Office in London was talking to a visiting buyer about Nicosia. What she said attracted my interest so I later asked her for more details.
Cyprus is a small island in the Eastern Mediterranean and yet it can offer a remarkable variety of landscapes and activities. It is mainly known for its string of beach resorts, but then a group can swim and sunbathe in the morning, take lunch in an ancient mountain village and end the same day ski-ing in the Troodos mountains.

‘Nicosia’, added Lillian, ‘is something quite different again. It is the capital city, with a long history but, unfortunately, since 1974, the last divided city in Europe. But an event organiser should consider allocating at least half a day’s visit, say lunch plus the afternoon, in a leisure programme. It will provide delegates with lasting beautiful memories.’

Nicosia is a cultural centre offering antiquities such as its Venetian walls and Cyprus Archaeological Museum that gives visitors an opportunity to see many of the treasures found in archaeological digs. The island has a 10,000-year-old history.

Enjoying a meal or even just a refreshment break can be a real traditional experience in the Laiki Yitonia district of Nicosia. Meaning ‘Popular Neighbourhood’, this is a warren of alleyways lined with boutique shops and cafes. A visit to Nicosia ensures that a group has experienced the essence of Cyprus.

Nicosia is also ready to welcome groups for meetings and overnight stays. There is a wide range of accommodation, including a Hilton and a Europa Plaza and a Classic boutique-style property.

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