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New hotel experiences in India

Zone hotel room

Park Hotels introduce new brand The Zone

India is such a huge and varied landscape, that it is possible to overlook some of its areas of quality. This is also true of the hospitality scene. One group of quality properties that may not have had as high a profile as it deserves is The Park Hotels. It was the first to introduce the 5-star boutique style and now has a presence in the most important centres in the country.

A member of Design Hotels, The Park has ten properties in New Delhi, Kolkata, Navi Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Visakhapatnam and Kerala Backwaters.

They have in common an ethos that values luxury and traditional Indian hospitality, but the group has been careful to ensure that each property is unique. It wants every guest to appreciate the influence of the city in which the property is located, emphasising local culture. The properties vary in size from 60 up to 300 rooms. At the same time as valuing Indian traditions, they are well aware of the attractions of lively bars and nightclubs, as well as creative cuisine.

‘Each one of The Park Hotels’, comments Rohit Arora, General Manager of The Park in Parliament Street, New Delhi, ‘is a different, yet memorable, experience for our guests’.

It is likely that the group will shortly become much more widely known on the international market. New constructions are in the pipeline, with five or six properties being added to the group during 2015, with an expected total of 20 properties by the year 2020.

Ruchika Mehta, Corporate Director for Communications, tells ITCM that a totally new brand is also being developed under the name of Zone by The Park. The first will open with 60 rooms in Coimbatore during November, with a second, with 40 rooms, to come on stream in Jaipur in December.

‘They will be very suitable’, she continues, ‘for group business such as incentives and also meetings; and they will be established in those parts of India that are emerging as newly important centres.’

Coimbatore, for example, is currently the 16th largest city in India but growing fast, becoming important in the IT and healthcare and education sectors.

The emphasis of the design of the new brand, borne out by the name Zone, is that in each property there will be a different areas, or zones, to stimulate social mixing and networking. The zones will be informal, comfortable, inviting and convenient for chilling out, or private conversations or eating in smaller groups. The design will contribute greatly to team building and the sparking of ideas for group visits.

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