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Hail to Halito!

Halito screen shot of website

It creates eventsites for you at set prices

’Halito’ means ‘welcome’ but it must be safe to assume that very few people reading this will know in which language. The answer, we are told, is Choctaw, the tongue of an American Indian tribe.
For some reason Halito is the name of the service being offered to event organisers by a company, Via Futura, based in Antwerp, Belgium. It has been marketed successfully in the Benelux region for about five years, where it has an impressive list of satisfied customers. It is now being launched beyond those borders.

A young lady with responsibility for spreading the word is Hertha Findeklee. From Germany, she has worked in the UK office of Maritim Hotels and then for some years at the Lufthansa conference centre. Meeting her at Confex 2014, ITCM learnt that Halito is a service that rapidly sets up tailor-made websites for events with a view to providing organisers with all their information requirements and e-marketing facilities.

‘We work under the four headings’, says Hertha, ‘of Inform, Invite, Register and Thank. This means that the service can tell potential delegates about the forthcoming event; can invite people to attend; can register them when they apply; and can thank them for their participation. The intention is to take all these internet operations off the shoulders of the organisers, leaving them to concentrate on the event itself.’

She emphasises, however, that the eventsites belong to the clients and are only set up on their behalf. There are passwords with an agreed hierarchy giving different levels of access according to need, so that the event’s top management can see exactly what stage has been reached in every aspect, whilst, for example, delegates can click in to see how they stand individually.

Hertha goes on to say that ‘the eventsites can comprise images, videos, presentations and the like. The organisers can get feedback on what action was taken on receipt of emails by the potential delegates. Halito also takes account of relevant communications on the social networks. It assists greatly not only in achieving success with the event in hand, but clients learn constantly from one event to influence the way they handle future events.

Hertha points out that, unlike other systems on the market, Halito publishes a price list so that, from the outset, clients can see what it will cost for the services they require.

Brochures and price lists are available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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