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All roads lead to Liverpool

CGI of Exhibition Centre Liverpool

ACC Liverpool arranged a seamless passage through Manchester

Nothing daunts Liverpool in its quest to let the world know what it has to offer and how keen the city is to welcome you. At Confex 2014 at Olympia, Kerrin McPhie, Director of Sales at the ACC Liverpool, spoke from one side of an aisle to her audience standing on the other side. A throng of show visitors were passing in-between, but that wasn’t going to stop Kerrin from loud-hailing the extensive new ACCL facilities and the first bookings for them.

The new exhibition hall is being added to the arena and conference hall, creating a comprehensive facility unrivalled in Europe. The speed of the Wi-Fi throughout has been multiplied. The Delegate Cards, providing privileges and concessions throughout the city, are valid for 12 months, so that the holders can continue to enjoy the benefits if they make a return visit.

Event organisers quickly get the message that everything that can be done for their events and their delegates will be done.

An impressive example is that in October 2013 the European Society for Gynaecological Oncology held their conference at ACC Liverpool. The city has its John Lennon Airport, but it was seen that about 2,000 delegates were scheduled to fly into Lancashire via Manchester Airport, about 30 miles away.

ACCL called on their long-term partners, P J Chauffeurs, to make special arrangements to avoid any hassle for those delegates. A dedicated website was set up so that visitors could lodge details of their flights into Manchester and book their onward transfer.

This created a seamless journey through to their accommodation in Liverpool.

The message, as Kerrin put it, is that ‘No one will have any problem accessing Liverpool no matter where they start their journey, in the UK or anywhere in the world.’

And the other clear message is that nothing fazes Kerrin when she has a presentation to make!

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