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Delicious visit to the Brussels-Wallonia stand


Laurence Dogné introduces Wallonian cuisine as an appetiser for Belgium’s Year of Gastronomy

Laurence Dogné, the Meetings & Incentives Manager at the Brussels head office of the Belgian Tourist Office, Brussels & Wallonia, was keen to convince the world that Belgium cuisine deserves a higher profile as a visitor attraction. And she had lots of help on hand – in the shape of chefs and sous-chefs.

They gave a series of demonstrations on the Belgium stand at EIBTM 2011. Crowds of visitors were only too pleased to sit face to face with the cooks, watch the way dishes were prepared and then assist in eating them. ITCM is sure that Laurence was pleased at the success of the project.

The demonstrations were a curtain raiser for Belgium’s Year of Gastronomy for the whole of 2012. Within this campaign there is ‘Brusselicious’. ‘Organisers’, says Laurence, ‘will be sure to have good, tasty food to please their groups – from morning till night. She also explained that this did not mean that it would all be high-falutin’ expensive cuisine, but that it would apply very much to everyday dishes at reasonable prices.

In fact, in January the focus will be on the croissant-like ‘la couque’ complete with chocolate and apricots. Throughout the year a speciality will continue to be ‘chips and Mayonnaise on the street’ as well as waffles with lobster cream.

On the stand, ITCM watched the preparation of cheese mousse with lemon and pepper; as well as sea bream with coleslaw made of red cabbage, mustard, honey and apple cider. We think there was some use of rape seed oil. Don’t take this as a definitive recipe, but we can say categorically that it tasted Brusselicious!


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