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Carry on, Kerrin!


Liverpool was given a great hearing at EIBTM

Diminutive Kerrin MacPhie, seen on the left of this photograph, wowed her audience at EIBTM 2011 in Barcelona. ITCM was attracted to the stand by the sound of a passionate portrayal of what Merseyside has to offer. The unmistakeable Liverpool accent rang high above all the ambient noise of a busy show and ITCM was all the more surprised, on reaching the Visit England stand, to discover that Kerrin MacPhie, Director of Sales at ACC Liverpool, did not even have the aid of a working microphone.

The public address device was on, then off, then on again and off again, as if it was determined to foil her efforts to tell the story of Liverpool, but Kerrin soldiered on and succeeded in convincing all on the crowded stand that she was a symbol of Liverpool itself – rising above all obstacles and achieving its objectives.

She used a whole armoury of initiatives. In April 2012 the city will stage the UK’s biggest street event to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Under the umbrella title of Sea Odyssey Liverpool 2012, the city’s streets will be the stage for what Cllr Joe Anderson describes as ‘a magical piece of theatre, the likes of which people will never have seen before’.

The event is to commemorate Liverpool’s whole maritime history, but will highlight its associations with Titanic. The liner was registered in Liverpool, which was therefore its home port and it is said that one out of ten of the crew were from Merseyside.

Kerrin waxed lyrical about her ACC Liverpool, which comprises the BT Conference Centre and the Echo Arena. And she was able to add proudly that in 2014 there will be a third facility – a massive Exhibition Centre – making ACC Liverpool one of the largest and most comprehensive venues in Europe. Kerrin saw this as a further show of confidence in Liverpool.

She pointed out that there are 2,200 bedrooms at the ACC Liverpool site and a total of 5,000 within walking distance.

Another feather in the city’s cap, she suggested, was the choice of the BT Conference Centre for the European and International Congress in the summer of 2012. The event was moving away from London after five years because of the Olympic Games and Kerrin obviously saw the chance of its staying in its new home.

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