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Conventa – the unconventional SEE exhibition


Miha Kovacic, Director of the Slovenian CVB, explains the reasoning behind this pioneering event

SEE, we are sure you know, is South East Europe; and you probably know that it encompasses Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. The last-named country has taken the initiative to give this group of destinations a higher profile on the world’s MICE map. It stages Conventa, a MICE show where all the exhibitors are from SEE.
Conventa 2012, the fourth, will be held in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, on 18 and 19 January.

‘It represents a challenge’, says Miha Kovacic, Director of the Slovenian CVB, ‘because budgets are small and the countries are all at different stages of development for events business. However, we all have some of Europe’s most interesting and attractive locations, which have the advantage of being new to the majority of delegates to an event or to guests of corporate hospitality’.

Miha then emphasises that ‘organisers can also be assured that the services and facilities are of good quality and offer very good value for money’.

Miha points out that the show is not a joint venture, as it is staged by Slovenia, but all the SEE countries have equal access to it and have a big input.

Conventa is a small show but has some novel features. For example, during the two days it is on, it closes completely each day for lunch. ‘For an hour and twenty minutes the hall is shut, the lights turned out. All the exhibitors and visitors network together over a good, professionally catered lunch.’

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