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Cologne centrifuge spins the right appeal for aerospace events

Christian Woronka, Head of the Cologne Convention Bureau

Christian Woronka, Head of the Cologne Convention Bureau, explains the approach

Cologne is a very good example of the approach to attracting events as outlined by the German Convention Bureau (see ITCM EIBTM Interviews and itcmblogs ).
Christian Woronka, Head of Cologne Convention Bureau, was at EIBTM 2013 in Barcelona and he explained to ITCM that, looking at what Cologne had to offer, the city and its region are strong in the fields of space research and in the media. ‘We also’, he adds, ‘have Germany’s largest university’.

In July 2013 the German Aerospace Centre in Cologne (DLR) hosted the 5-day 26th Planetary Congress that was attended by as many as 80 astronauts. ‘We have a conference room inside the aerospace research facility’, he says, ‘and it was a natural venue for such a gathering.

Then, after opening the ‘Envihab’, where outer space conditions can be simulated, the DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine hosted the 6-day 19th Humans in Space Congress, presenting papers on the connection between research into aerospace and terrestrial medicine.

A major attraction in this facility is the centrifuge that creates weightless conditions. It is one of the components of a centre where astronauts come to be tested physically and psychologically for their highly specialised job.

CCb team
‘The GCB approach to identifying key sectors of industry and using them to reinforce the appeal of a destination for events in those fields’, Christian confirms, ‘works well. At the same time’, he goes on, ‘each event of this kind further strengthens our hand, so that e are very definitely known globally as the place to bring events related to aerospace. In the same way, we use our local knowhow and facilities in the fields of the media. We have well-known TV stations here and also radio stations and TV and film studios.

‘Of course, we have well over 150 meeting and convention venues in Cologne and we have people experienced in assisting event organisers, so the infrastructure is there in addition to the expertise in different areas of industry and business.’

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